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Why do General Contractors use Building Connected?

Simply put, time-savings. The general contractor can now assure the same documents are now shared amongst contractors invited to bid or those subcontractors actively looking through the general contractor’s plan room page.

What is Building Connected?

Building Connected is a web-based syndicator that allows for the general contractor to publicly share and exchange bidding documents with subcontractors. This allows for an accurate and timely file transfer between two parties.


Building Connected allows for seamless submission of proposals to general contractors. There's no need to hunt for estimators' contact info because all of the general contractor’s information can be found within the Building Connected invitation to bid.


Building Connected now allows subcontractors the ability to learn about the phases of different projects in many different sectors (i.e., public, private, and federal).


The days of aimlessly waiting for a contractor to email each sub one by one are long over! This allows you, the subcontractor, time to accurately takeoff and bid your specified division(s).