Cindy Ramirez

Senior Project Accountant

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  • Cindy has worked in Customer Service Management for multiple agencies and excels in accounting.  Over the past year, she has moved up the Company ladder at AGAE into a role where she is currently the Senior Account.  Cindy is responsible for overall project assignments to her Team, billings, payments and accuracy of such to ensure that AGAE and our Subcontracting partners are successful.  Cindy has great communication skills and this really shines as she teaches and mentors staff.  This great trait also carries into her relationships with our Clients.  Having great relationships has helped Cindy to overcome hurdles within the industry.


  • Responsible to assist Project Managers& Teams with the coordination of resources, cost controls, &information.   The Project Account is responsible for the overall financial reporting of a project & is to ensure all costs, payments & contracts are accurate.
  • Lead the AGAE Accounting Team, ensure accuracy, provide mentorship and training.
  • Track& procure Subcontractors COI
  • Generate Pencil for PM - Submit Payment Applications to Owner
  • Generate & Upload Payment Application Packages to Owners
  • Maintain Subcontractor Minority Compliance & associated software’s, such as B2G& LCP Tracker.
  • Gathers waivers from subcontractors & completes payment checks
  • Enter initial cost estimate in Foundation
  • Enter Subcontract Agreement Values in Foundation
  • Upon Contract Value Adjustment by Owner/Internal, complete SOV modifications as needed.
  • Complete OEM Cost Reports 1st& 3rd week of the month with PM
  • Process AP invoices & release checks to Subcontractors/Vendors
  • Update Job Tracking in Access.
  • Assist APM with entering Pos & Cos in Foundation as needed.
  • Assist Subcontractors on an as needed basis to expedite the payment process.

Career Background

  • Retail Management
  • Customer Service Management


  • Bachelors in Accounting from Elmhurst University


  • B.S in Accounting

Software Competencies

  • MS Office
  • Foundation
  • Quickbooks
  • eBuilder
  • PRZM

Current Projects

  • As Cindy is AGAE's Senior Accountant, she works with every client and all of the AGAE Team to produce excellence in accounting.

Completed Projects