Gerardo Correa



  • Responsible for the timely completion of various types of construction projects.
  • •Responsible for the overall “onsite” completion of the Project.
  • •Assists the PM in development & review of contract scopes of work for subcontractors
  • •Directs all work & enforces Contract Scopes in the field.
  • •Develop& Maintains P6 Project Schedule, Critical Path, & Narrative.
  • •Prepares& Maintains Site Logistics Plans.
  • •Prepares& Enforces Site Specific Safety Plans & Culture.
  • •Prepares, Monitors, & schedules all Procurement (coordinate with PE)
  • •MonitorsQuality & Conformance QA/QC
  • •Conducts Weekly Subcontractor Meetings & maintains meeting minutes
  • •Completes Daily Reports to AGAE & Owner. Upload daily site observation photos into Procore.
  • •Submits necessary RFI’s to PM & PE.
  • •Manage change directives in the field as issued by the Owner (Bulletin SOW).(Procore updates)
  • •Manages& handles jobsite emergencies.
  • •Maintains As-Built drawings onsite & in Procore.

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