Lisa Gonzalez


  • Assistant Project Manager


  • Responsible for Document Control & administration in Procore
  • Prepare Subcontractors Subcontract Agreement in coordination with PM & issue through DocuSign.
  • Request COI from Subcontractor send to Project Accountant for tracking
  • Assist PM with Buyout & Scopes of Work
  • Generate Change Order Request Packages to Owner for Review with PM
  • Upon Owner Approval & per PM Authorization, Generate Change Order in Foundation
  • TrackProcurement logs with Superintendent
  • Monitors& Maintains Weekly Meeting Minutes (If Applicable)
  • Reviews& Submits Project Submittals to Architect & Track Logs
  • Track& Maintain Closeout Matrix & Submit all closeout documents to Owner
  • Review RFI’s with PM & Superintendent & submit to Architect/ track logs
  • Assist PM with client request estimates & JOC proposals
  • Issues Change Orders & POs in Foundation & send via DocuSign.  Copy Accountant who will save fully executed documents/copies to server.

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