Profile Picture of Rob C. Schweigert

Robbie Schweigert

Assistant Project Manager

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  • Robbie is a highly motivated induvial who excels in Construction Management.  He is a driving force who has excellent communication skills and a vast knowledge of the construction industry..  His experience has provided him with unsurpassed dialog between Project Managers, Architects, Owners & Clients. This has allowed Robbie to take projects from conception to final acceptance on time and on budget.  Some of his primary responsibilities is to track documents, contracts, etc. and to ensure sure they are processed, received, and fully executed, in a timely manner and all are completed with excellence.


•The Assistant Project Manager is responsible for assisting Project Managers, Superintendents & Accountants in coordinating the activities of a project to ensure cost, schedule, document control & quality standards are met.

•Responsible for Document Control & administration in Procore

•Prepare Subcontractors Subcontract Agreement in coordination with PM & issue through AdobeSign.

•Request COI from Subcontractor send to Project Accountant for tracking

•Assist PM with Buyout & Scopes of Work

•Generate Change Order Request Packages to Owner for Review with PM

•Upon Owner Approval & per PM Authorization, Generate Change Order in Foundation.

•Track Procurement logs with Superintendent

•Monitors& Maintains Weekly Meeting Minutes (If Applicable)

•Reviews& Submits Project Submittals to Architect & Track Logs

•Track& Maintain Closeout Matrix & Submit all closeout documents to Owner

•Review RFI’s with PM & Superintendent & submit to Architect/ track logs

•Assist PM with client request estimates & JOC proposals.

•Issues Change Orders & POs in Foundation & send via AdobeSign.  Copy Accountant who will save fully executed documents/copies to server.

•Reports to Project Manager

Career Background

  • ACAL Apparel


  • Bachelors Business Degree


  • Procore

Software Competencies

  • eBuilder
  • MS Office
  • Procore
  • P6

Current Projects

  • CPS Addams Elementary
  • CPS Cather MEP
  • CPS Roosevelt H.S
  • CDB NEIU Parking

Completed Projects

  • CPS Disney NPL
  • CPS Falconer NPL
  • CPS Piccolo NPL
  • CPS Piccolo NCP
  • Cardenas NPL
  • ADA Various Sites
  • Tollway Multiple Sites